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Muzo & Chivor Colombian emeralds to its perfection comes from us.

The very best Colombian and Muzo emeralds come from us.We are exporters of emeralds and gold from mines in Muzo Boyaca,Antioquia, Santander y Cordoba, Colombia Emeralds all quality, all colours global presence.


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Excellent emeralds high quality design and cuts deep intense green or clear blue all according to your desires, prices and quality range from 500USD per carat to 10-20.000 USD per carat


We sell gold Type A and type B, minimum quantity sold is 150 Kg 6% paid in UK bank of total sales agreement to be paid prior, we represent 4 miners all willing to sell on future excavations and melting 30 days delivery or pick up time, conditions and procedures non negotiable

Raw emeralds

We offer Raw emeralds of highest quallity prices range from 100 USD to 350 USD per carat, pending on quality , perfect for shops where meraldcutter works and design their own emeralds , minimum sold is 100 Carat

Companies & People where our emeralds have been offered

We offer to Royalties, auction houses private citieciens Europe , USA and Asia.

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